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Wyandotte County Deputies Immortalized on National Memorial

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Wyandotte County

Authorities have put the names of almost 400 police officers on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington DC. Find out the details here!

National Memorial Now Includes Wyandotte County Deputies

Police officers perform acts of heroism on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most of them disappear from the public eye as soon as the mainstream media attention dies down, which, in the world of 24-hour news media, happens pretty quickly. That’s why immortalizing the heroes of law enforcement is important. And authorities undertook one such effort recently.

Specifically, the names of 400 police officers were put on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. This national memorial in Washington DC commemorates law enforcement officers fallen in the line of duty. And now, two Wyandotte County Deputies are among them. Theresa King and Patric Rohrer gave their lives while escorting an inmate. But while the memories of their sacrifice will live on, that’s not the only thing they’ve left behind. Their family members are in need of assistance, which is what this story is about.

There is a local organization in Kansas which tries to help such families of fallen officers — the Surviving Spouse and Family Endowment Fund. Recently, Raymore Police Chief Jan Zimmerman spoke at length about the brave men and women who lay down their lives for public security. In an interview near the KCPD Fallen Officers Memorial, she spoke of her years in this police department. Before her tenure as a Police Chief in Raymore, Zimmerman was an officer here. And Steve Faulker, one of the names on the local monument, was very dear to her heart.

She spoke of her fallen colleagues with kind words as great family men and good people in general. And it’s their families that Zimmerman is particularly worried about. This is why her efforts to raise awareness on this issue are no surprise at all. She is hard at work to let people know how important the work of the Surviving Spouse and Family Endowment Fund.

According to her, many of the families of the fallen law enforcement officers can’t fulfill even their most basic needs. They struggle to pay rent and bills. In fact, even grocery shopping can be tenuous. And while benefits for the families of first responders do exist, sometimes these can take a while to be distributed. That’s why S.A.F.E. makes sure they get some benefits immediately, so they can have an easier transition. Zimmerman pointed out that raising funds for this cause is not easy and hopes that the official system of benefits for the families will improve over time.

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