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Valuable Lessons You Can Learn at Special Olympics Summer Games

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Special Olympics Summer Games

“Sunflower State” is to mark a significant jubilee of the Special Olympic Summer Games, and here is a little sneak peek.

Doing Your Best Is the Biggest Success

Special Olympic Games started 50 years ago as a modest but brave project in Winfield, Kansas, with only six teams and 32 participants. This year, Special Olympics Summer Games held in the Sunflower State celebrate their fiftieth jubilee in a much larger company.

More than 12,050 special athletes have gathered to compete in 4 individual disciplines and numerous team sports. The range of sports they could try and do their best in was broad, including swimming, tennis, cycling, as well as track and team sports.

The whole point of these games was to promote equal opportunities for all. Kimberly Mudd, the head coach of “Wichita Independents,” points out that these games have the same importance for special athletes as the state track meet has for “regular” high-school jocks. Everyone should have an opportunity to shine and rejoice in their success.

Here at Special Olympics Summer Games, people have a totally different concept of winning. It doesn’t really matter who was the fastest, the strongest, or who won the game. The ultimate achievement here was to enable every child to reach their full potential.

It is essential for these children to end an event with a feeling of success. One of the organizers states that they may take sixth place in the end, but if that is their personal best, that realization will eventually lift their spirits.

Jason Radar, one of the volunteers at this Special Olympics event, stresses out that the coach has a responsible role in teaching invaluable and encouraging lessons both on and off the sports field. He also admits that although his job is not always easy, it is exceptionally gratifying.

Once you see the smiling faces of these special athletes and the way they cheer and support each other, you know that the all the effort and energy invested in the Special Olympic Games paid off.

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