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Suspect Runs Over Police Officer in Missouri

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Police Officer in Missouri

Suspect Stealing From Walmart Runs Over Police Officer in Cameron, MO

Cameron, Missouri — A police officer from the Cameron Police Department had to be hospitalized on Saturday midday. Hospitalization was necessary after a suspect ran him over.

The police responded to reported stealing in progress around 12:45 p.m. The stealing was taking place in the local Walmart Store. The officer arrived at the scene while the suspect was entering their car and was about to leave. While attempting to flee, the suspect backed up their vehicle and struck some of the parked vehicles behind them. Then, the suspect changed directions and drove straight at the officer, hitting him and running him over. While on the ground, the officer managed to turn over and fire shots at the suspect from his duty weapon.

In the Cameron Police Department press release, another officer who was nearby responded to the call. On their way over, they overheard the shots and the vehicle driving off, giving immediate pursuit. An ambulance took the overrun officer to the local hospital, where medical staff treated him for injuries. They have released the officer, advising treatment at home.

The pursuit began along westbound U.S. 36, with the officer chasing the suspect unwilling to stop. Cameron PD called several other agencies for help, including the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The pursuit ended with the police catching up and stopping the vehicle near Wathena, Kansas.

The police took the suspect, a male subject whose name is unknown, into custody. Subsequently, they’ve held him in a Kansas jail while he awaits his charges. The Missouri State Highway Patrol will carry out the investigation of the case, due to the fact that it involves a police officer firing shots at the suspect.

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