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Steve Watkins Forgives the Loans to His Campaign

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The Federal Campaign Finance Rules

The Republican Congressman Steve Watkins from Kansas forgave his loan to his campaign, or a bit over half of it, which is $225,100.

The Federal Campaign Finance Rules

Watkins gave a little bit less than half a million U.S. dollars to the campaign to win an open eastern Kansas seat in Congress. These loans represented his wealth at that time, which was estimated somewhere between half a million to $2.7 million. The rules of the federal campaign allowed the candidates to lend unlimited amounts of money to campaigns from their own wealth. Same goes in case the candidate wishes to forgive these loans.

Steve Watkins Sr. invested more than half a million with the intention of helping his son’s campaign and ambition. The candidate lent a bit over $400,000 to his campaign and has later on forgiven half of it, in accordance with the law.


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