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Rangers Stroke 5 Homers and Won the Game Against the Royals

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Kauffman Stadium. the-Rangers

The Rangers have scored 5 out of 6 against their opponents. This is the second victory in a row after the Rangers have scored 9 out of 11 at Kauffman Stadium.

Odor and Calhoun Strike Home Runs

Texas Rangers pulled five homers on Thursday as they scored a victory against the Kansas City Royals. Rougie Odor made two home runs, and Calhoun ended a game with an impressive performance. Besides Odor and Calhoun, Gallo and Pence also went deep and made the situation even harder for Kansas City Royals. Royals’ manager Yost was forced to reach out for utility man Owings on the two final innings. This was Owings’ debut performance as a pitcher in a game of this caliber.

Calhoun ended up winning four hits for his team, bringing his team a road series win. Besides him, Lynn and Bailey made their significant contributions to their team’s final score. Lynn went seven innings while Bailey had an even more impressive performance. He allowed six runs, four walks, and eight significant hits. This was the 13th loss in a row for the Royals since last season, and the only thing that softens the blow for the Royals were Boxberger’s three consolation runs.

Since Lynn and the rest of his teammates dominated the majority of the game, Nicky Lopez’s first strike, and great debut performance, didn’t contribute a lot to the final score. The rookie’s game was remarkable, but at the same time, it was the only remarkable thing in the Royal’s performance.

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