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Q & A for Chiefs Fans

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It was a great week for American sports fans. The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team took a victory against England on July 2 and won the World Championship on Sunday. Fifteen-year-old Coco Gauff has begun her Grand Slam career with a huge win. And all fans of Kansas City Chiefs were delighted when Demarcus Robinson flew with the Blue Angels.

One of the Chiefs supporters was Brooke Pryor, a journalist for Kansas City Star. She has seen the women’s final on Sunday and shared her experience in this week’s article.

Brooke was one of the 10,000 KC’s soccer fans who watched the final game in the Power and Light District. She was in a packed bar enthusiastically cheering on the U.S. team. This experience has solidified her opinion that Kansas City is a fantastic sports town. She wondered how incredible a Super Bowl party would be if the city had celebrated the women’s soccer success this passionately.

Still, the potential Super Bowl watch party will not be happening any time soon. In the meantime, Pryor answered some Twitter questions from fellow Chiefs fans. Let’s take a look at what she had to say during the Fourth of July Q & A.

Chiefs Q & A

One fan wondered whether the relocation of the Raiders would have an impact on the fans’ support. Brooke allowed that it probably would, at least for some fans. There are those who root for a team because it is from their hometown, and these fans might forget about the Raiders. Still, there are always loyal fans who will stick with their team no matter what. Ultimately, Brooke believes, the fan base will change its makeup. As children grow up, there will be more Raiders supporters living in Las Vegas than Oakland.

Another Chiefs fan was worried about how Tyreek Hill’s suspension would impact the team’s success this season. Pryor is feeling optimistic. Even if Chiefs start with 2 defeats, she believes, they should bounce back against Baltimore, Detroit, and Colts. In the end, they could win 11 or 12 games.

Jeremy from Twitter wanted to learn more about Pryor’s predictions. Will Blake Bell make the team? How many games will John Lovett play in?

Brooke does not see Blake making the cut with Deon Yelder playing. She predicts that Lovett will play mostly on special teams, with appearances in 8 regular-season matches. She also has Gehrig Dieter in her 53-man roster projection.

When asked if, in 20 years, the team’s name would still be “Chiefs,” Pryor gave an interesting answer. She believes that the name will remain, but some “racially insensitive things” associated with the fandom will not. A few examples are the headdresses fans wear at games and the tomahawk chop. If the cultural appropriation phases out, the Chiefs will probably keep their name.

Bob was wondering if the number of wins Royals’ would have this season would be higher than the number of Patrick Mahomes’ touchdowns. Brooke suspects that this match will be a close one, with Royals coming out as winners.

Next, the journalist answered a question regarding Les Miles’ success in Kansas and Mack Brown’s at UNC. The two hires are reasonably similar and might produce similar results. Pryor wonders how they will connect with the younger generations as men in their sixties. She pointed out that their efforts are noticeable and commendable. The two coaches are using social media and participating in athletic events. Brooke said that the 2020 classes of both teams were looking very promising.

Wedding Guests and the Perfect Tray

Andrew had a fun question which allowed Pryor to get creative. How would her Cookout tray look if Chiefs players represented different dishes?

The possibilities are many, but Brooke believes that Patrick Mahomes would be her entrée. He is the indispensable part of the team. The sides would have to be Frank Clark and Tyrann Mathieu as they make their team extra special. Finally, Harrison Butker would represent a milkshake. He is a nice boost to the team but not entirely necessary for a good meal.

Lastly, Chiefs fans wanted to know which player would prove to be the most fun at a wedding. Brooke went with Chris Jones. Patrick Mahomes would draw too much attention and overshadow you on the big day. Jones might not be as good a dancer as Travis Kelce, but he is hilarious. As long as he does not bring the Bane mask, he is welcome to her wedding party.

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