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Pregnant Woman and Son Shot in Kansas City, KS

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Pregnant Woman and Son Shot

Pregnant Woman and Two-Year-Old Son Shot in KCK, Still in Critical Condition

Kansas City, Kansas — On Saturday night, a pregnant woman received gunshot-inflicted wounds, together with her two-year-old son. The incident took place in the 600 block of South 11th Street in KCK. The family gathered for a birthday party when the shots went off.

In an interview with the local press, one of the family members claimed that all that they were doing was having a family party with no disturbances. The family decided to keep their names anonymous as they fear for their safety. The family’s neighbors, who witnessed the incident, said that there was a fight in the alley adjacent to the victim family’s house. It was from the alley that the first shots were heard.

The family, upon hearing gunfire, ran into the house, seeking cover. The pregnant woman, holding her two-year-old boy, was standing next to an open window on the first story of the house. The shots that went in the direction of the family house hit the two of them. The woman was wounded by two bullets.

Woman and Son in Hospital

Her husband ran upstairs once he heard calls for help. He found his mother and son on the ground, suffering from gunshots. They called the police and the ambulance immediately, with the mother and son getting transferred to an area hospital. There were no suspects on the scene when the police arrived. Talking to the press, a member of the family claims that the whole family fears for their safety, as they have no reason to believe someone would shot at them on purpose. In their own words, this can happen in just a few minutes out of the blue to anyone, which is a scary thought.

The woman and her son are still in hospital, and both of them are in critical condition.

The family is hopeful that the police will be able to find and arrest whoever is responsible. The incident is still under investigation, with the police calling for anyone with any information to step forward and call the TIPS Hotline.

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