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Martice Fuller (15) Charged as Adult in the Murder of Kaylie Juga

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the Murder of Kaylie Juga

Fifteen-year-old Martice Fuller from Wisconsin is charged with the murder of a teenage girl and the attempted murder of her mother.

Wisconsin Teen Will Face Trial as Adult

Around 3 PM on May 9, Wisconsin teen Martice Fuller (15) allegedly murdered his ex-girlfriend Kaylie Juga (16) and wounded the girl’s mother. The footage from the security camera shows that Fuller entered the Juga residence and spent three minutes inside. The six shots that Fuller allegedly fired were also recorded by the security camera.

Kaylie Juga was killed in her room after being shot four times. The medical examiner who conducted the autopsy on Kaylie Juga’s body confirmed that the victim suffered one shot in the head and multiple shots in the chest. The girl’s mother sustained an injury to her wrist and a gunshot to her chest.

The girl’s father, Nicholas Juga stated that Martice Fuller stalked Kaylie Juga for several months prior to this chilling incident. Due to the persistent stalking, Kaylie was even forced to change her after-school job to avoid Fuller. Local media reports show that Fuller was also expelled from high school on account of demonstrating inappropriate and threatening behavior towards the victim.

The Camera Footage and the Key Witness

The day after the gruesome murder of Kaylie Juga, Fuller was arrested thanks to his mother’s statement in which she confirmed that the alibi that Fuller had provided was false. According to the investigators working on the case, Fuller claimed he was at his own house when the shooting occurred. As Fuller’s mother soon discredited his alibi, the teen was charged as adult with the following counts: attempted first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree intentional homicide, and armed burglary.

Among other pieces of evidence, the state prosecutors have the Fuller’s mother’s statement, security camera footage, and the report made by the victim Stephanie Fuller. After the defendant’s first court appearance, the defense stated that they still haven’t had an opportunity to tell the other side of the story. The defendant is currently in custody on a one million dollar bail. During the prosecution and the trial, Martice Fuller will be represented by attorney Carl Johnson.

The Chilling Details

The key witness in the Kaylie Juga murder investigation is the victim’s mother who suffered multiple injuries during the attack. In her statement, Stephanie Juga said that she heard her daughter’s screams and gunshots from inside of Kylie’s bedroom. During the initial attack, Ms. Juga was in the bathroom. After she heard the screams and the gunshots, Ms. Juga ran to Kylie’s aid only to find her already dead.

Stephanie Juga said that she saw the defendant armed with a gun and standing beside her daughter’s body. Later, in the criminal complaint, Ms. Juga explained that as she tried to calm the defendant down, Fuller refused to cooperate and attacked her leaving her with an injured wrist and a wound to the chest.

As Ms. Juga successfully escaped the defendant and reached the phone, she called 911 and her husband.

Kaylie Juga’s mother was hospitalized and had emergency surgery; she is now in a stable condition. Unfortunately, paramedics that came to the scene couldn’t help Kaylie Juga, and the teenager passed away. Fuller will appear in court on May 24 under the legal representation of Carl Johnson.

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