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KC First-Grader Raps About Gun Violence

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First-Grader from South Kansas City Performs a Rap Song

First-Grader from South Kansas City Performs a Rap Song Against Gun Violence

Kansas City, Missouri — Today, we live in a world where school shootings are more frequent than they ever were. Adults are becoming senseless and confrontation often escalates to violence, with people being too trigger-happy. Schools across the United States try to educate students from a young age not to resort to violence and how to avoid it. So, it’s a breath of fresh air to find a first-grader at University Academy in Kansas City that is doing the opposite. Little Ava Foster, a 7-year-old, uses her spare time and creativity to promote safety and kindness, while, in the meantime, trying to combat gun violence.

Foster, who goes by her stage name Lil Ava, is a young Kansas Citian who dreams big and hopes to affect her fellow citizens’ lives and behavior. While talking to the press, little Ava talked about how people have to put their guns down. She finds it senseless what the adults are doing. According to Ava, God put us on earth to help and love each other, not to go around killing people.

Her song, aptly named “Senseless”, talks about gun violence. In the song, which is her most popular work, she talks about putting trust in God and finding power in the Bible. Although she’s still just a little kid, she wishes she can make an impact on adults.

Ava began rapping when she was one and a half years old. She started enjoying rap music when she heard it first on the radio. But, in her own words, Ava took it seriously when she turned five, writing her own rhymes and songs.

Performing the Song

Ava goes to the United Believers Community Church, south KC, where she performed her song, adding that her faith is very important to her, which people can hear in the lyrics. The young artist goes on to say that her belief in God is one of the most important things in her life. She’s thankful to God and loves Him because He made her.

LaShawn Foster, Ava’s mother and her greatest fan, talked to the press as well. She says that she helps Ava with research, but the lyrics are all Ava’s doing. LaShawn is amazed by the talent her daughter possesses, and she still can’t believe what Ava is achieving.

Many believe that the lyrics to Senseless show wisdom and maturity beyond Ava’s years. In the song, she talks about school shootings, where people kill others out of hate. She asks everybody to lock their guns and be more careful. LaShawn says that people believe that kids are kids and they don’t know what’s actually going on. However, kids today are more advanced and are more informed than kids of their age used to be.

Singing is not the only form of expression for Ava. Editors of the school book called “What Can One Little Person Do?” asked students in Ava’s class to contribute with an article. In her article, Ava talked about kindness. She wanted people to replace violence with kindness and be nice to each other. She underlined that she hoped for her song to make a difference.

Future Plans

So far, people are taking to Ava’s message, with the little star getting more than 5,000 followers on Instagram. Ava’s goal is to reach 10,000 followers. She also has her own website and a line of clothing, and you can follow her on various social media platforms.

Ava still focuses on the songs, trying to come up with inspiring lyrics and get people to heed her advice. Her plan is to write 50 songs about gun violence and safety. In her own words, her dream is that someone hears her song when they are thinking about grabbing a gun, with the hopes of the lyrics making them change their mind.

Ultimately, Ava’s wish is to become a teacher, because “teachers are nice and they encourage kids.”

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