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Kansas City Police Conducted Special Operation Targeting Gangs and Drug-Related Crime

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Drug-Related Crime

Crime rates in Kansas City dropped as the law enforcement officers carried out two special operations two years in a row to fight gang-related and drug-related crime.

Special Operation in Kansas Resulted in Multiple Arrests

In a special operation in Kansas City that lasted two months and which the local police conducted in cooperation with state and federal agencies, 219 arrests were made, and more than 500 warrants were cleared. The Operation Lateral Storm, as it is called, led to over 37 pounds of narcotics being confiscated and 38 weapons seized.

The authorities hope that the results of this operation will bring about further improvements in KCK. The message that the Kansas law enforcement intended to send to the criminals with this special operation is that no crime is welcome in the city.

The Success from 2018

Last year, a similar operation conducted by Kansas City police resulted in various improvements, i.e., people started driving more responsibly, and the number of graffiti was reduced in the city. These positive results of the last year’s special operation lead Kansas authorities to believe that similar results will be achieved this year.

The successful special operation from the previous year culminated in 200 arrests. Also, Kansas law enforcement managed to confiscate 63 fire weapons and over 40 pounds of narcotics during the operation mentioned above.

Kansas City has recorded a significant drop in crime rates during the last three years. The number of homicides in this city fell from 5 in 2017 to 1 in 2019. The number of burglaries is almost trice as low as it was in 2017. Also, the number of thefts dropped from 231 in 2017 to 159 in 2019.

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