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Kansas City Man Found Guilty

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Grocery Store Shooting

Double deadly shooting in 2017 got its epilogue. According to Jackson County prosecutors, Reginald Jones Jr., 20, was found guilty for the fatal shooting of a grocery store clerk, but Jackson County jury acquitted him of a murder charge for the death of his father.

The shooting took place in front of the LP’s Grocery and Liquor at 4502 E. 24th Street on December 7, 2017. Victims were a clerk in a store and the shooter’s father. When officers arrived at the scene, they found two shooting victims and 12 spent shell casings on the sidewalk.

According to court records, before the shooting, a witness heard Jones Sr. arguing with his son on his cellphone.

Later on, a security camera recorded Jones Sr. and an employee of the store, Singleton on a smoking break. They were outside the store. Next, the camera captured Jones Jr. approaching them.

After a few words, Jones Jr. allegedly pulled a gun and shot his father. Then he turned towards Singleton and shot him dead too. Also, the surveillance camera registered a group of three men who fled the scene after the shooting.

Jones Jr. left driving a Mitsubishi Eclipse. Later on the same day, he turned himself in.

Singleton was an all-around decent and honest person. Previous to this employment he had been a mechanic for the U. S. Navy, and after that a cook at Phillis Wheatley Elementary School. He even saved a bus full of people in Kansas City in 2003.

Jones Jr. was convicted of an armed criminal action and a second-degree murder of a 57-year-old grocery store’s clerk, Daryl A. Singleton. At the same time, the jury acquitted Jones Jr. of killing his father, Reginald Jones Sr., 36.

After the verdict, the jury recommended that Jones Jr. serve up to 33 years in prison, 20 years for a murder conviction and 13 years for armed criminal action.

Jones Jr. will finally be sentenced at a later date.

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