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Donald Trump Jr. Subpoenaed

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Donald Trump Jr. Subpoenaed

The Senate Intelligence Committee has ordered Donald Trump Jr. to show up at court and offer answers regarding his 2017 testimony.

The Moscow Deal

Trump Jr. was subpoenaed because the court would like to speak to him one more time regarding his allegations that proved to be quite ambiguous. As it turns out, the possible negotiations of the Trump family investing in numerous projects in Moscow didn’t stop in 2014. They went on until 2016, during the presidential campaign.

Trump Jr. claimed that he was only remotely familiar with of the entire Moscow “proposal,” which later on proved to be somewhat false. The Senate Intelligence Committee has intensively investigated the Trump family ties to Russia for the last two years. We can maybe expect other family members to be subpoenaed as well.

Trump’s team of lawyers claim that no laws have been broken and that Michael Cohen (former Trump’s lawyer) is a liar. They stated he was doing everything to come out of the possible long-term prison sentence. President Trump claims that there were zero investments in Russia on his end and that they gave up on the project.

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