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Crime Stoppers Need Information on Unsolved Murder Case

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Unsolved Murder Case

People Asked to Come Forward With Information on an Unresolved Murder Case

Wichita, the largest city in the state of Kansas with a population of around 390,000, saw a murder in 2017 that remains unresolved to this day. During the two-year period, the police have made no advancements in resolving the case. Family of the deceased still stands hopeful someone with any kind of information will come forward and give them an answer to how and why they lost their loved ones.

Sandra Flores lost her life in the early morning of March 17, 2017. She was 27 years old. She was the fourth child of five daughters. Modesta Flores, Sandra’s mother, is still understandably devastated with the fact that, as she put it, someone took her daughter away from her. The pain didn’t go away with time, and the Flores family wants closure and answers. Someone did this crime, and the Floreses want to know who is responsible.

On the morning when the crime took place, the police received a tip that there was a woman lying near Seneca and Pawnee. Detective Robert Chisholm, who’s in charge of the case, recalls that particular morning as being incredibly foggy. In his own words, it was a very eerie drive into the scene. Consequently, the fog meant that security cameras failed to capture anything. Flores had been shot with a high-powered rifle.

As per her mother, Sandra Flores left the house to go for a walk, presumably to buy coffee or breakfast. Regrettably, she never returned. All citizens that have any kind of information about the murder should contact Crime Stoppers. They offer a reward of up to $2,500, and the caller can stay anonymous.

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