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Ambassador Sam Brownback Receives an Award for Promotion of Religious Equality

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Ambassador Sam Brownback

The Hindu American Foundation has decided to honor former Kansas senator Sam Brownback for his achievements in his current international diplomatic position.

Sam Brownback Gets Mahatma Gandhi Award

Sam Brownback is American Ambassador-at-Large in charge of promoting religious freedom globally. As the Hindu American Foundation claims in their explanation, they wanted to pay their respects to Brownback’s fierce support for the Hindu minority in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other countries with prevailing Muslim population.

They are going to present Brownback with the Mahatma Gandhi award that reflects universal values of diversity and tolerance.

Although president Trump proposed Sam Brownback for the position of Ambassador in 2017, he took office in January 2018 because the Democrats bitterly objected this choice.

Sam Brownback is known for his negative attitude towards the LGBT community and their rights.

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