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A Mystery Unravels — A Pregnant 19-Year-Old’s Body Found

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A Pregnant 19-Year-Old’s Body Found

A 19-year-old girl who suddenly vanished last month was found dead in Chicago, according to the authorities.

The Baby Was Removed Posthumously

The police confirmed that the girl was pronounced dead at the scene and that someone removed her unborn baby from her womb with a sharp tool

The victim, Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, was in the third trimester of pregnancy when she suddenly disappeared on April 23. Her body was found only five days ago, and the medical examiners determined that strangulation caused her death. On the same day when Ochoa went missing, the police got a call regarding a crying baby. The baby was located at the same address where the body of the murdered girl was.

The Chicago Police Department spokesman said that they believe somebody murdered her and removed the baby forcibly, not long after she the girl was strangled to death. For now, the police has four suspects; however, they refused to give any names to the public. The investigation is still ongoing.

Allegations of a Fake Mother

The day Marlen went missing, the Chicago Fire Department got a call regarding a distressed crying baby. Once they found the baby, they immediately took it to a hospital, accompanied by a woman who claimed to be her mother. However, Larry Langford, who spoke for the Chicago Fire Department, stated that it was evident she wasn’t who she claimed to be. Later on, the police proved this assumption correct.

The family of the deceased girl was quickly informed that the baby was hers and that it was fighting for her life in the hospital. Authorities asked for Lopez’ dental records from the family in order to identify the body. Additionally, they are trying to find the baby’s father by matching the DNA.

Marlen Ochoa-Lopez disappeared on April 23, when she was on her way to pick up a 3-year-old child from daycare. Unfortunately, there were no witnesses to testify she ever reached her destination. The mourning family members are praying that the baby will survive as they’re trying to live through this tragedy.

The victim’s family spokeswoman, Cecile Garcia, said that everything seems so surreal. She said that it’s like the things you expect to see only in movies and that it is hard to believe that some people are simply genuinely evil.

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