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10 Best Gift Ideas for 11 Year Old Boys

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Are you a bad gifter who’s always waiting for the very last moment to pick out a birthday present?

Let’s face it; we’ve all been there. A friend’s kid’s birthday is coming up, you only have a few days to come up with a great gift for a boy, and on top of everything – you’re tight on cash.

That’s exactly where we come in! We’re here to give you 10 amazing ideas that will fit your budget and are sure to put a smile on the birthday boy’s face.

If your own child is turning 11 soon, picking the right gift shouldn’t be too difficult. If anything, you know what he likes and which direction to take with the gift choice. On the other hand, if you’re not a parent yet, you might have no clue what to look for. But don’t worry; you can’t go wrong with any of our recommendations.

One thing to keep in mind is that preteens can be a tough category for presents. They don’t view themselves as kids anymore. Simultaneously, you can’t exactly treat them like adults. So, although you can’t exactly expect them to be overjoyed with a sand bucket and a plastic shovel, toys are still typically the go-to.

Furthermore, you need to understand that they’re at a time where they want to be “cool.” The more their friends are impressed with your gift, the better! Additionally, generation Z children are leaning towards digital technologies, so a gaming console might be a great option. After all, they are spending hours on end on their phones, iPads, and PCs.

These are all things you should take into consideration before making the final decision. Here are our top 10 gift ideas that will help you buy the perfect birthday present for an 11-year-old boy.

Tennis Table

A tennis table is a perfect choice for your eleven-year-old. It’s a fun activity that will prompt him to stay active, rather than sitting in front of a computer screen all day. Plus, it’s a great source of fun for whenever his friends come over to play. And, of course, it can be a fun family time and another way to bond with your child.

Stomp Rocket

Rockets never go out of style! Give your little “rocket scientist” a fun gift that will both keep him entertained and spark his desire to learn about science, sky, and the cosmos. The foam rockets are perfectly safe, so you don’t have to worry about the risk of injury. If your preteen has expressed interest in aeronautical exploration, you won’t find a better gift than this.

Magnetic Dart Board


In their formative age, it’s vital that you keep your preteen active. However, as we all know, kids aren’t exactly too keen on exercising. You have to throw in the aspect of fun to get them into the habit of being active.

The first association of most parents is sports. Still, not every child is talented or even interested in soccer, baseball, basketball, and other team sports. Darts, on the other hand, is something every kid can easily get into. Although it may not appear like a physically demanding activity, darts will help you preteen develop dexterity.

Of course, conventional darts can be a bit risky. So, the magnetic dart board is a perfect alternative – with all of the pros, and none of the cons.

Crazy Forts

Want to spark your child’s creativity? Crazy forts will both exercise his gray cells and provide him with an endless amount of fun. Crazy forts are like lego’s, but on a much larger scale. They feature plastic balls and rods that allow your child to turn his imagination into reality and become the ruler of his very own castle!

Dune Buggy

If you’re raising a hyperactive boy, you should make peace with the fact that bruises and cuts are going to be quite common. However, instead of letting him improvise ways to get the adrenaline rush, you can provide him with a slightly safer, and arguably even more fun option – the dune buggy.

The buggy can reach up to 10mph, and supports up to 120lbs. This gift is unbelievably awesome, but requires both safety training and supervision. Also, it goes without saying that you’d also have to buy him a helmet and knee/elbow protectors. And most importantly – only let him drive the buggy in your yard or a park.

NHL Mini Hockey GoalHockey

Another thing that pairs perfectly with the protectors, if you already own them, is the NHL mini hockey goal. Both the goals, sticks, and the balls are all made out of foam.

This is a great introduction to hockey and a whole lot of fun even if your kid isn’t particularly interested in this sport. And, you won’t have to worry about your preteen playing on “thin ice.”


Often, the basic, straightforward gifts are the ones boys like the most. A basketball if a “safe choice” in most cases. Nearly all active boys will appreciate a basketball; however, take into account whether they have a nearby court to play on.

iPad Mini

As we mentioned, this generation is fascinated, obsessed even, with technology and video games. If you’re not on a budget and can afford a present as cool as an iPad, you’ll be his favorite person in the world. However, keep in mind that an iPad is an investment, as much as it is a gift.

Boys tend to be careless and the iPads do easily break. So you’ll likely have to preach a bit about “taking good care of your belongings.” Otherwise, the kid will learn the lesson the hard way.

Duo Microscope

Duo Microscope

Not all preteens are hyperactive Tasmanian devils. Some of them enjoy learning and exploring the world around them from an early age. If your birthday boy is this type of  person, a microscope is an excellent choice.

A microscope will undoubtedly be extremely fun for a young, inquisitive child. Moreover, it will encourage a healthy curiosity in your preteen, which is always a good virtue to have.

Diggin Active Dodge Tag

The polar opposite of the previous suggestion is the active dodge tag set. If the kid you’re buying this gift for excels at dodgeball, they will absolutely love this present. It typically comes with two light vests and six soft balls. Each of the vests features a target that the opponent has to hit.

Again, this is a great way to ensure your kid stays active, through an extremely fun activity. The game is perfectly safe and is guaranteed to be a huge hit with the boys.

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